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Importance of Electrical Safety Inspections

Importance of Conducting An Electrical Safety Inspections

Importance of Electrical Safety Inspections

To identify electrical wiring and outlets issues electrical safety inspection is mandatory before buying a property. Many homeowners however fail to realise the importance of regular electrical inspections once they live in the property.

This is a big mistake because arranging for a routine electrical safety inspection can help to prevent serious or even fatal accidents at home or at work. This problem is take place during winter when people turn on their heaters.

Local Victorian based electrical contractor Jeremy Knowles from Pro Electrician Melbourne stated “most home owners are unaware that electrical inspections even exist and normally call us once the problem has already caused damage”.

He added “we recommend yearly inspections to every customer to prevent electrical faults and other issues that can occur”.

What Is An Electrical Safety Inspection For?

An electrical safety inspection is important for homes. Because It helps to detect and rectify all safety hazards. The majority of house fires happened because of faulty the electrical wiring .

Even something as tiny as a mouse can compromise the integrity of the wiring system in a perfectly-constructed property.

Apart from the possibility of a house fire, there are other risks that can occur due to improper functioning of the electrical components in a house. For instance, sprinkler systems have the potential to cause electrocutions.

If they ain’t fixed correctly with the wiring system. This is a common problem that causes many serious burns and deaths.

According to a recent report by the ABC News conducted by Master Electricians Australia, about 15 people die in Australia each year due to electrical accidents at home. Because of various electrical-related injuries 300 Australians go to hospital on average annually.

For business premises, Safe Work Australia found that between 2003 and 2013, there were 129 deaths in Australia due to electrical mishaps.

To say nothing of the many fires that originate from electrical-related incidents and destroy many businesses and homes every year. To prevent these incidents always hire professional electrician to do basic electrical inspection.


Who should conduct the electrical inspection 

The Victorian Government’s Energy Safe Victoria recommends, Licensed Electrical Inspectors (LEIs) to perform electrical safety inspections.

To inspect and test electrical equipment always try to find skilled, licensed, trained and experienced professional. It is always best to contact a qualified electrician to ensure you are getting a qualified professional to perform the inspection.


Electrical safety inspection Involves?

An electrical safety inspection involves a licensed A-Grade electrician assessing the condition of the electrical systems installed in a home or business premises.

On completing the process, the electrician can identify any electrical safety problems, as per the laid-down regulations, that may pose a danger to the occupants.

The Best Time To Conduct Electrical Inspection?

When to inspect

To ensure people’s safety, Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) advises that domestic homes should be inspected:

  • If they were constructed over 25 years ago.
  • Before they are sold or bought-where they were previously occupied.
  • If the owner has issues with the wiring or equipment.
  • If the wiring is outdated.

They also advocate that all homes should be inspected by competent professionals after every five years to make sure that the environment is not damaged by potential electrical hazards. This should also apply to commercial properties.

It is recommended that particular types of equipment undergo regular inspections and testing by competent professionals in order to detect wear and tear and damage.

This will also help to identify any electrical faults. It is important for employers and business people to check and inspect their electrical equipment regularly

The aim of the inspection

The aim of an electrical safety inspection is to:

  • Detect shortcomings and possible problems.
  • Detect items that need urgent repair.
  • Pinpoint items don’t need to upgrade in the near future.
  • Ensure that a home is safe for the owner and his or her family members.
  • Protect the home or commercial property itself, which is a very important financial investment for many people.

The process of the Electrical Safety Inspection

The process of the Electrical Safety Inspection

In the course of the inspection, the electrician will visually assess and test particular circuits, outlets and appliances-especially if issues arise. Always, switched off the the power supply to conduct more comprehensive tests,

The property needs to inspect from outside and inside through assessment. It is important to inspect switchboard to make sure there are no potential hazards. It can put the business or home at risk.

Importance of the findings

All the findings will recorded by the electrician on a checklist, form or report. The checklist or safety report will list down all inspected appliances, outlets and circuits. Outline any issues that constitute a potential hazard.

The electrician must also give recommendations on ways of preventing future electrical accidents. The owner of the property should keep all the documentation pertaining to the inspection in a safe and accessible place.

These documents will use later for insurance purposes. Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) reports or when the property will sold.