Close Call On Brisbane Construction Site

Flying Debris From West End Construction Site

I have been consulting on a large construction site in  West End, Brisbane this week. It is a new 8 storey apartment building with shops being made available on the ground floor. Most of the floors have finished and plumbing has started up to the 5th floor so far. I wanted to write a quick post to share what happened on the site today.

To say it was a close call is an understatement. I was at the base of the building discussing the next stages of the building with one of the engineers, Doug Michelson. We were just about to grab a bite to eat for lunch, it was past 12pm and most of the guys were taking a break. As we started walking out of the building site a 10 feet long concrete pylon came crashing to the ground about 2 metres from Doug Michelson. I couldn’t believe my eyes. There I am, a safety consultant inspecting the site for the 3rd time this week and a huge pylon nearly kills the two of us. Luckily we had started walking or I may not be here sharing this post,

The Lesson Learned

We immediately asked everyone who was left above to come down for an emergency meeting to find out what happened. It turns out that 2 of the tradesman had brought up too many pylons, they were trying to save time. They were both given the rest of the week off while management can work ou what to do.

So I quick warning to all those construction workers wanting to save time. do not rush. Making deadlines is important, every day costs thousands of dollars, we get it. But breaking rules and cutting corners to save an extra 30 minutes work is just not worth it.

Please stay safe, Jarod Grey