Pest Inspections

Home Buyers Guide To Pest Inspections

Home Buyers Guide To Pest Inspections

The Importance Of Pest Inspections For Property Buyers

Home Buyers Guide To Pest Inspections

Having spent my entire career in the building industry I have seen my share of structural damage. This includes both small homes and large commercial buildings. Althgough large commercial building and now all contrcuted from steel frames, many older buildings used wood for internal frames. Before the days of termite proptection many of them suffered from serious termite damage. In this article I have put together a guide for teaching people the importance of pest inspections. As they say, prevention is better than cure. I hope you enjoy.

Pest inspectors provide professional opinions regarding the condition of properties for sale. But the inspection services industry is much broader than the satisfaction of a purchase agreement contingency. And in fact, a pest inspection itself is less comprehensive than many readers might think.

The damage caused by household pests can be costly. Pest like rats and mice can gnaw through electrical wiring, silverfish, moths and beetles can ruin expensive floor coverings, curtains, and clothing. Adam Love from Pro Pest Control Sydney stated “extensive termite infestation can require tens of thousands of dollars in treatment, prevention, and remedial work”. It’s clear to see the importance of getting a throough inspection prior to purchasing a property.

If you’re in the property market, there is a whole range of things you have to check out before you make the big decision. Make sure a pest inspection is on the list – it could turn out to be one of the best investments you ever make. In summary, here’s what a pest inspection can deliver:

  •  the reassurance that your dream home is pest-free.
  • a very cost-effective way to ensure that you don’t inherit any expensive and unpleasant problems.
  • Used as a bargaining tool to negotiate a lower price if an inspection reveals that there are existing or previous pest infestations.

Like a normal property inspection, the pest inspection should be part of your paperwork. Your offer to purchase the home should be conditional upon the home meeting a standard that you have determined that you can live with. Sometimes a small nest of nasties can be eradicated with a small outlay of time and noxious chemicals. However, if the supports of the house resemble birds’ bones, you should take your down payment and back slowly away.

A good pest inspector is going to take their time to inspect your house thoroughly. Since a lot of pests don’t always go out of their way to yell, HI! I’m HERE!” to the concerned home buyer; pest inspectors have to crawl into out-of-the-way spots, like the attic or basement, to check for signs. It’s sometimes a dusty and dirty job, but most pest inspectors are prepared for this.

Benefits of hiring a licensed Pest Inspectors

1. It secures your advantage as the buyer.

Pest inspections, property experts say, are the smart real estate investor’s strategy because it’s an effort to secure the buyer’s advantage. If this is done properly, buyers can score the opportunity to renegotiate the deal, especially if after the inspection, it’s determined that the property has “areas of concern” such as features that need to be repaired, pest infestation, the presence of asbestos, etc. If sellers no longer want to deal with these issues, more often than not, they are open to lowering their asking price since you will be shouldering the cost of addressing all these matters.

2. You can better determine the potential of the property.

It’s worth pointing out as well that with thorough building inspections, property investors can also better determine the potential of the property they intend to buy because the result of the inspection will identify the various causes of material deterioration, and other variables that affect the integrity of the property. This will also enable the buyers to evaluate their plans for it and see whether they are feasible or they would have to go back to the drawing board so all identified issues can be accommodated.

3. Inspection results can serve as a reliable guide.

Likewise, if buyers want to upgrade the property by adding new features and renovating some areas, inspection results can serve as a reliable guide to help them purchase the appropriate materials to ensure the functional longevity of the structure; the result of pest inspections is especially helpful for this particular objective.

4. You will get access to pest inspectors’ services.

The services of pest inspectors are not only valuable for property purchases, though. People who are thinking of renovating their homes could benefit greatly from them especially in securing building permits and meeting other requirements. Also, with their help, should property owners make a mistake with their building project, inspectors are a great resource on how to correct things so the project can be accomplished in the safest manner.

How to choose a good inspector

Reliable Pest Inspector

1. Is the inspector licensed?

Pest inspectors have to be licensed, and this is because they handle deadly substances. All Australian states issue licenses independently. You can get in touch with your particular state’s pesticide regulatory authority to make sure that your chosen pest control’s license is valid. Feel free to ask any questions.

2. Is that inspection company able and willing to discuss the proposed treatment method in your home?

Note that selecting a pest inspection companyis as equally important as choosing a lawyer or doctor. You have to look at their level of competency. Any company should be able to inspect your premises and recommend its control program. The program should include the following:

  • The pests to be controlled.
  • The extent and severity of the program.
  • The active ingredients in the pesticide.
  • The potentially harmful effects of the pesticide on humans, animals, and plants.
  • The pesticide application techniques.
  • Procedures to evacuating the house and how other items will not get affected.
  • Steps to reduce pest problems in the future.

3. Does that company have a good track record?

For this don’t rely on a sales person to give you an honest answer. Do a thorough research by yourself and find out if there are any complaints about the company. Also take the time to ask friends and relatives.

4. Does that company have the appropriate insurance coverage?

The sales person should be able to show you written proof that the company is insured. Insurance can guard against matters such as accidental pollution. The company’s insurance will give you a certain level of protection if an accident occurs during pesticide application. Think twice about getting the services of an uninsured company.

5. Is there a guarantee of the work?

If a company does not offer a guarantee, then you have every right to be skeptical about it. Despite this, you also have to find out what you have to do to keep your side of the bargain. An example would be, if you make structural changes, then the guarantee may become invalid.

6. Does the company have any affiliations with any associations?

The fact that a company can join a professional association signals its professionalism and its ability to maintain quality. Both you and your chosen pest inspector should create a contract. Make sure your safety concerns are noted, and these could be allergies, sensitivity, resident pets, and the ages of your home occupants. Ask the company to use potentially less dangerous chemicals which still achieve the same purpose.

Pest inspections are essential for anyone looking to purchase a home or commercial property. It’s the best pre-purchase investment you can make.

I hope this Home Buyers guide to Pest Inspections has been helpful to you. If you would like to ask any questions or leave comments please do so. Thanks for reading.

Reference: Adam Love from Pro Pest Control Sydney consulted on this article.