Asbestos Removal – Australian Safety Guidelines For Removing Asbestos

Safety Guidelines For Removing Asbestos in Australia

Asbestos Removal Safety Tips and Advice

Asbestos removal is a very crucial process which is often recommended to be performed by licensed contractors. However, if you are in Australia and you have decided to remove them by yourself, this write up will give you a few techniques that will not only ensure your safety but also the safety of those people around you during the process of removal.


Safety Guidelines For Removing Asbestos

Here are a few tips you should put into consideration while removing asbestos by yourself;

Tip#1: What to Wear:

There are several things you will require having in hand in order to be in a position to remove asbestos successfully from your home. For instance, a set of disposable coveralls with booties, rubber boots, rubber gloves and vented eye gear are some of the things you will need to have in order to make the entire process successfully.

Most of these mentioned items can be purchased at any contractor supply house or hardware. Note that you should never attempt undertaking an asbestos removal process if you are not wearing protective clothing. Before you move into any non- contaminated area in your house, it is important that you dispose of your contaminated clothes.


Tip#2: Safety Gear & Equipment:

Safety Gear and Equiment

Make use of tank sprayer and liquid detergent when washing the asbestos area after you have removed any large piece. To completely seal the containment area, it is ideal that you use thick plastic sheeting. You can make use of a large dust pan to catch asbestos dust while you are working. Wallboard taping can be used to seal the area while a putty knife can be used to scrape asbestos.


Tip#3: Creating an Air- Lock:

Creating An Air Lock

Basically, before you commence any asbestos removal process, it is often recommended that you create an ‘air- lock’ area, whereby you together with your helpers can remove and dispose of the contaminated clothing properly before you leave the work area. You can do this by simply encasing a place just inside your doorway with a sheet plastic which has got openings on either side. Have very large, thick plastic bags labeled clearly with hazardous waste labels in order for you together with your workers to be in a position to dispose of the contaminated clothing products before you enter the ‘clean’ zone of the house.

Tip#4: The Removal Process:

Before you remove any asbestos, first and foremost, you must thoroughly wet it in order to prevent fine particles from coming loose in the air. Make use of a spray bottle or hose, depending on the size of area to be covered, so that you can saturate completely the asbestos area. You must be sure that the plastic sheeting is kept wet in order to prevent the tiny asbestos fibers from clinging to it.

Tip#5: Disposing of Waste:

Disposing of Waste

While attempting asbestos removal Australia, the last thing you will require to do after you complete all the processes is calling the government agency in UK which deals with environmental issues to come and find out where you can dispose of the asbestos waste products.

Training and Licensing

Individuals undertaking asbestos removal normally are required to be trained appropriately as well as to hold license. Basically, the work health and safety regulators often administer licenses for asbestos removal in their jurisdiction.

If a person would like applying for asbestos removal license, he or she is supposed to contact his or her work health and safety regulator.

However, you should note that that you should register with the appropriate licensing board in Australia in order to eradicate asbestos in Australia.


Asbestos Removal Tips and Advice


Last but not the least; since prevention is always better than cure, ensure that you follow the aforementioned tips while dealing with asbestos removal Australia to prevent any unnecessary damages. Thank you.


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