Are Building and Pest Inspections Always Required?

Are Building and Pest Inspections Always Required For A Home Owner?

Building and Pest Inspections -  Do Home Owner Need Them?

Overview: What are building and pest inspections?

Building and pest inspections are simply inspections which take place before a house or investment property is bought or sold. Building inspections assess many areas of a home/property the most common areas being; roof space, sub-floor, guttering, footing, ceilings, doors, plumbing, framing, wiring and window space. Building inspections also assess dampness and rot. As the name suggests, pest inspections are meant to check for any potential or existing pest damage. Pest inspection is meant to discover if a property has wood destroying insects i.e. termites and/or bores among any other insects that pose health and safety risks. In most cases, building and pest inspection takes place concurrently. At the end of an inspection, a report is issued highlighting the overall condition of a house or property as well as other details. Let’s now shift our focus to the importance of doing a building and pest inspection.


Is a building and pest inspection always required?

It’s important to note that building and pest inspections aren’t mandatory is Australia. They are however necessary every time when buying or selling homes/property because of many reasons. Below is a discussion of the main advantages and disadvantages of building and pest inspections to help you understand why you need them.



1. Helps to avoid costly mistakes

Building Inspections Help Avoid Costly Mistakes

This is one of the main advantages of building and pest inspections from a home buyer’s perspective. Buying a home or any other kind of property is a costly affair. It is therefore important to do everything you can to ensure you make a smart investment decision. One of the best ways of ensuring you are getting value for your money (when buying a home/property) is having a building and pest inspection done. It’s never a good idea to rush while buying a home just because you think you are getting a good deal. Having a building and pest inspection done ensures you buy a home/property that is structurally sound, safe and free of pests. Such inspections are capable of revealing serious structural problems in a home helping you avoid making costly mistakes.


2. Identifies dangerous and hidden defects

Real estate agents are known to be dubious. They can’t therefore be trusted to reveal everything (good and bad) about any property or home they are selling. Potential home buyers can therefore buy defective property without knowing. Building and pest inspections reveal dangerous and hidden defects which can easily go unnoticed when potential home buyers inspect homes on their own without professional help. In a nutshell, the inspections reveal dangerous problems about homes/property eliminating serious health and safety risks.


3. Increases the value of a home/property

This is another advantage of building and pest inspections. Although home buyers pay more for homes which have undergone inspections, they can also sell them at a higher price. In case you want to sell your home later for whatever reason, you can use the inspection report to get a better price for your home.


4. Helps in negotiations

Building and inspection reports also help home buyers negotiate for better deals especially if the home in question is found to have some problems. It’s important to note that there are very few ”perfect” homes. The chances of discovering some defects or problems (however small) are therefore very high when you order a building and pest inspection. The inspection therefore puts you in a better negotiating position.



1. Additional cost

This is one of the main disadvantages of building and pest inspections. Home buyers interested in having independent inspections done must hire professional inspectors. This obviously attracts additional costs not to mention the money you lose in case you decide you won’t buy the property in question.


2. Inspections can be misleading

This is another notable disadvantage of building and pest inspections. It is important to note that most building and pest inspection reports are too lengthy, complicated and covered with disclaimers. They can therefore be misleading to potential home buyers.



From the above information, it is accurate to conclude that building and pest inspections are absolutely necessary when buying and selling homes/property. Without the inspections, there would be no sure way for home/property buyers to know if they are buying structurally sound and safe homes/property. Although property inspections can be a bit costly and misleading or confusing, they have more pros than cons.